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2016 Presidential Election Results, an Opinion

As many others, I woke up this morning feeling a sense of confusion and hopelessness.

An ideology of bigotry, anger, racism, misogyny, dishonesty, and xenophobia seems to have prevailed. It’s hard to accept that someone who is the moral and intellectual opposite of all that you have been brought up to believe and grasp true can hold the greatest position in the world.

How are parents supposed to teach their children that all the above is wrong given that the most important leader in the world was elected via a platform that represented all of it?

It is now clear that an enormous population of our brothers and sisters have been frustrated. So incredibly frustrated that they were willing to cast a blind eye towards those negative virtues — that is not to say that they all embody them.

I now wonder if this outcome is best for the long run. I wonder if this outcome will restore faith and trust in our system and ease the frustration and discontent that is so blatantly there, regardless of whether or not the President will make good decisions. It is only today, that a great many of us have realized how divided the country really is. If the election turned out differently, would we have continued to ignore a rapidly growing bitter and unsated populace? How much more dangerous would it be four years down the line?

While I personally disagree with the proposed policies of our newly elected leader, I cannot help but think if they really matter. Maybe — our system was purposefully designed to address a majority that is extremist in its frustration whenever such a group arises, while relying on the checks and balances in our nation to veer us towards incremental progress. Maybe it’s critical for us to take 1 step back every now and then in order to leap forward.

Our long term success doesn’t lie in our ability to just make the right decisions, it lies in our ability to make the right decisions together. Our leaders may represent our country, but our people make our nation. United we stand, divided we fall.

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